If you want more information on what a Wiki is, please view the video "What is a wiki?":
  1. click on Web 2.0 Tools Explained (left side of the screen)
  2. click on the second arrow on the website under “What is a wiki?”

To discover more about using wikis in your class, take a look at this article:

If you want to see more examples of wikis that are being used by teachers in PA districts, click on one of these(CFF wikis):


Wikispaces is a good place to start.
This video will give you step-by-step instructions on how to create your own space:

TO CREATE A SPACE FREE OF ADS, create your wiki at teacher wikis


  1. WE ASK THAT YOUR WIKI BEGIN WITH WTHS-??? Where ??? is the name of your wikispace. This will make it easier for our students to find wikis.
  2. Your wiki should be either private or protected. Private means that only people you invite via an e-mail can see or edit it, protected means all can see it but only people you invite via an e-mail can edit it.
  3. If you create a wiki for your students to edit, you will need to provide them with a student e-mail account. We are working on that – more to follow soon!
  4. Be careful choosing your wiki name. Once you delete it, it can not be used again.
  5. Be careful using these tools in your classroom. Copyright rules apply and you are responsible for the content and data placed there. SO, make it PRIVATE or PROTECTED.

To begin creating your wiki, click on the HELP item in the upper right-hand corner of your screen.

If you can use Word, you can create a WIKI!


You will want to learn how to embed widgets.
For a great table of the various types of widgets you can embed, go to or for help directly from wikispaces on the mechanics of how to do a task.

Visual Learner? See movies at