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Promethean Planet

If you would like to download ActivInspire for personal use click here. There is a limited time that this will be available for you to download.

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Teacher feature on the Planet where the best teacher flipcharts are featured monthly. Take a look at what they do with the flipcharts and make your own!

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How do I use ActivInspire?

You can view a video showing features of ActivInspire and download the flipchart they are using in the video for you to try!


Board questions and you need answers? Check out Atomic Learning for video tutorials on lots of topics relating to ActivInspire. Just do a search with the keyword ActivInspire and select the PC platform. (As new videos become available for Inspire, check them out too!)
Here are some flipcharts for you to use to help with questions you may have (most were created in the ActivStudio version but should migrate to ActivInspire):

external image empty.png Magic_reveals.flp external image empty.png How_to.flp


Resource packs are FREE and can be a valuable tool for creating or supplementing lessons.


  1. Click the link to download the desired Resource Pack.
  2. Start ActivInspire, then click on File, Import, "Resource Pack to Shared Resources...."
  3. Browse to locate the recently downloaded file, and double-click it.
  4. Your resources will be imported into a pre-defined destination in your resource library (be sure to see where it will download in the instructions.


Here is a video on how Promethean and Safari Montage can work together!
Video on Board!
Need to embed a video? Check out downloadtoolz, Youtube downloader, kickyoutube


Need information on the ActiveXpression SRS? Here are two tools for you to use:
Tutorials directly from Promethean Step by Step instructions

What do the different colors of the Promethean flame mean?
White - all is fine and ready to go!
Pink - pen is working with the board
Blinking red - you are using slates or Activotes, Activexpression
Red - you have an electronic problem - if it persists you may want to call Tech Support at 888-652-2848 x3
Purple - Power failure -- unplug and plug back in
Flashing blue - you are using bluetooth!

Teaching Tips
Quick Setup Guide

You can also access a demonstration movie at T:\Permanent\Promethean\ActivExpression.
There is a setup movie as well as a demonstration and the above files can be found there!

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