Microsoft Tools
Office 2007

Trying to figure how to perform a task in Office 2007? Use the **interactive user guide**
Want to try new things for Office? Check out officelabs where you can find neat add-ons for the entire suite of products.
Be aware that some of these products are beta versions which means they may not be available for long.
Some neat add-ons for Office 2007 include pptPlex where you can zoom in on presentations, community clips where you can record screens, and search commands that will search all of your documents for a word.

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Check out these tools:

Photo Gallery - to organize, crop, and edit your photos
Experience your photos a new way! - use photosynth; a great way to take several photos of the same object and make it one before your eyes
Make Show-n-Tell cool again by downloading
Photo Story 3
Want to try some of the latest tools from
Microsoft research? Here you can experience AutoCollage, Deep Zoom, and live maps (visual earth 3D)! Check this out!
Map a video of places you've been or want to go to with
virtual earth 3D

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Training Help:
Custom Guide Quick Reference Cards a great help in your classroom - enlarge them and laminate for your students too!

Office Tutorials 2007 toolbar help

Add-ons and plug-ins:
Chart Advisor - when you don't know what type of chart to use
Search Commands - when you know there is a button for it but just can't remember where it is!
Gettin Started? - lots of tools to help you get from 2003 to 2007
Mouse Mischief - clickers when using PowerPoint 2007 using just a mouse!